Our Founding Fathers

The Boys of Tango Company

Rage Ledbetter Rich Perez Ronald Ong Francis Penavic

Rage Kenyatta Ledbetter - Inker and Concept Artist and Plotter for Descent and The Infinium (Left) aka Bat Brother

Born out of the turmoil of the 60's (Hence the name). A lifelong fan of animation his exposure to comics came from Saturday morning cartoons such as Spider-man and the Superfriends. He has been hooked on comics since. Rage comes from a family of artist and has been drawing since picking up his 1st crayon and drawing homemade comics since he was 10. He and Rich Perez met in High School and are "bitter" friends and collaborators to this date!

Rich Perez - Writer for Descent and The Infinium (Center) aka Stupor Man

Published tech author and lifelong comic fan, Rich Perez entered the comic scene in 2010 with the debut of Descent of the Dead and ever since has been making an impact within the comic scene with his whacked out stories. When he's not obsessing about comic book plots and deadlines Rich is a cyber security consultant and part-time instructor and lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife and his four sons.

Ron Ong - Artist for The Infinium (3rd to the Right) aka Green LantOng

Has a bachelor's degree in Communication Arts from the Ateneo De Manila University. He has been an avid reader of superhero comic books and had his work published in local newspapers in the Philippines before moving to the U.S. Ron currently works as a purchasing professional in the health-care industry and lives with his wife in the Chicago northwest suburbs with their pets: Nikko, a Welsh Corgi; Sebastian, a Japanese Koi and a turtle who shall remain nameless.

Francis Penavic - Artist for Descent of the Dead (Far Right) aka Aquafran

Francis Penavic has been working on the Art for Descent of the Dead since 2009. After graduating from The School of the Art Institute, he ended up with his second Bachelor's Degree from the Illinois Institute of Art in Animation. Most of his spare time is used up walking a razor's edge between art, family, drink mixology, and thinking of what to do with his dog's ashes.

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