June 3 2017

Kankakee Fantasy Con Kankakee, IL


July 15 2017

Comic Book Mania! Elgin, IL


Aug 24-27 2017

Wizard World Chicago Rosemont, IL


Oct 4 2017

McHenry Library ComiCon McHenry, IL


Oct 20-22 2017

Count-i-Con Grayslake, IL


Stay tuned for more announcements!


Tango News Updates

June 4, 2017 10:00 CDST


When we first started back in 2009, we weren’t a comic book company.  We were a bunch of guys trying to figure out if it were possible to self-publish a comic.  It was an exciting time of new discovery, and also it was a time of great anxiety, they go hand in hand.  We second guessed ourselves to nearly a point of paralysis.  We were holding our breath to see if what we were about push out would be tolerated by a notoriously tough audience of comic book readers.  That was then.

Within our inaugural journey we introduced to you our vision of gods and monsters.  Now Tango Comics is proud to introduce you to a glimpse of a world with new characters and amazing stories.  We’re proud to announce the completion and launch of Tango Comics Presents.  Our 3-in-1 title that will introduce you to such characters such as the Halstead Devil, The Killer Fool as well as provide you further exploits from the paranormal detective team of Max Temple and Betty Blaize.

Our new roster for this title consists of a new set of writers who’s gritty storytelling drips of action and intensity from the very first panel.   James Frey hails from Chicago Heights, IL and is what Rich Perez calls an “Imagineer Extraordinaire!”   Veteran story teller, screenwriter and lecturer of history and philosophy, James has been belting out stories for over a decade.  James or ‘Jimmy’ has been anxious to get his vision of the Halstead Devil brought to comics and great efforts have been made to weld this character in beautifully within the Tango Universe.  Halstead Devil is a 5-part story arc of Gulf War veteran and retired Seal Team 5 member, Michael Cline who served in the military in hopes of obtaining a chance of escaping the violent concrete jungle of Chicago’s south side or ‘Chiraq’. Trading up one war zone for another this story will take you through the mind and challenges of an ex-military vet struggling with PTSD and the violent reality of the South Side of Chicago. Rising from the ashes to become the Halstead Devil! 

Henry Frias Leon hails from Naperville IL and is a what we would call the master of the macabre.  Indie horror film director, screen writer and producer.  Henry’s vision of the supernatural vigilante comes to life in the story arc titled Killer Fool’s Day.  Killer Fools Day stars a character by the name of Nick Landry who is struggling young man desperately attempting to suppress the inner demons which torment him, and are urging him to lash out at those who harm others. Is it all in his mind or is it the mask itself which brings forth this torment? There lies the question!

Tango Comics Presents will be released in July 2017 both digital and print.  We extremely excited to showcase these new stories, artists and story tellers and we certainly know you’re going to enjoy this new title.  It is a bit of a departure in theme and style and with our new line up you’ll see fresh new set of ideas grounded in a world that so desperately needs hope.  Tango Comics Presents is a Mature comic and we pull no punches in our illustrations or dialogue.  We cut loose a bit more in this title as it aligns to the theme of noir and the gritty harsh world of the streets of Chicago.  Tango Comics presents will be 45 pages in length and will sell for $4.99 USD
Next month we will be spotlighting the artists involved in visualizing these incredible new stories as well as provide you sneak peeks of the action in store for you starting in July!

See ya next month!


What's our Strategy here at Tango?

The goal is simple: We want to entertain you and we want your readership.  That’s it!

If we can’t do that we’re closing up shop and we’ll pick up part-time jobs collecting aluminum cans.  Truth is, we’ve been fans of this industry for too long and our motivation is driven by a desire to see great work completed and breathe life back into a comic industry that has managed to once again find a way to screw things up.  It’s not a job to us, it’s a passion and we're determined to bring back quality entertainment and sincere fun back to comics!

Our promise to our readers:

        • We promise to never suck you in to gimmicks such as cross overs, cover variants or other shameless or trend driven irrelevant plugs 
        • We promise to never overdose our books with continual reprints and/or lessen the value of the investment you made 
        • We promise to never compromise quantity to quality, and fast will never trump good! 
        • We promise to keep our work affordable and of the highest quality
        • We promise to never lose sight of what’s most important to our success; You ... our Readers!