May 5 2018 Free Comic Book Day Graham Crackers Dekalb DeKalb, IL

June 1 2018 Kankakee Fantasy Con Kankakee, IL

June 9-10 2018 New Orleans MightyCon New Orleans, LA

June 16 2018 New Orleans MightyCon Wheaton, IL

Aug 23-26 2018 Wizard World Chicago Rosemont, IL

Sep 29 2018 Comic Book Mania Convention Elgin, IL

Sep 30 2018 G Conn Orland Park, IL

Oct 18 2018 McHenry Library ComiCon McHenry, IL


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Tango News Updates

May 1, 2018 07:37 CDST


We haven’t posted much in our news forum for quite some time, and we apologize sincerely for the radio silence.  Rest assured, we’ve been incredibly busy, so busy that we haven’t had time to come up for air to tell you about it.  The beauty and curse of having an obsessive compulsive disorder is that you get so caught up on one thing that all others fall to the wayside.  On top of all that we’ve been dealing with matters with family loss as of late, which has really kept us from focusing too much on sharing our thoughts and feelings.  We’ve lost some rather important people in our lives and it’s kept us somewhat internalized. As we slowly recover and get our mojo back, we finally are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, and art and creativity is certainly the greatest therapy for getting us back to where we need to be!

So let’s talk about comics shall we?  As we approach convention season, Tango Comics has new products in store for you!  First and foremost we have our second issue of Tango Comics Presents that's on the horizon!  We have two stories this time instead of three as we have so much content as of right now, we have to push some of our stories back.  It’s not a bad place to be in as we have excess content!  So we’re wanting to give you the most complete experience with this next issue.  Premiering this time is the Halsted Devil where we will see the second part of this intense urban super hero drama. Halsted Devil is written by James Frey and illustrations by Karlo Reyes. Cover art for the next issue of Tango Comics Presents will be done by that triptacular master of the mechanical pencil, Francis Penavic!

The second story is with our hard luck detectives Max Temple and Betty Blaize where they will face off with the ultimate assassin known only as the Shade.  Max Temple vs The Shade will be an epic 49 page one-shot story which will take you for a really messed up and exciting rollercoaster ride!  It’s Hard Boiled Neon Noir at it’s best with this next issue, and we certainly hope you enjoy it!

In other news, we’re making preparations to compile the six-issue limited series of The Infinium into a trade-paperback format. We are very excited for this project as we have some stunning new content which we will be exclusively for this trade-paperback, including a never before published back story on our beloved hero Brian Villa, titled, The Painful Makings of a Pacifist a story by none other than that stand-up philosopher himself, Rich Perez and artwork and neon colors by the fabulously detailed Karlo Reyes, those dreamy colors you see are by the man who has the greatest face on radio, Rage Ledbetter! 

In addition to this story there are new character sheets that will be included along with new pin-ups from the man himself Ronald Ong! Yes the Mighty Ong has dusted off his easel and will be providing new content in the form of pin-ups as well as new pages to the series.  Colors will once again be brought to you by that man who colors in his sleep (with his feet no less), that man about talent, I’m talking about is none other than Rage Ledbetter, the Frantic Man from Fremont himself!

Now before you faint from excitement, there’s been some rather off-putting news in our efforts to bring you this trade paperback.  Unfortunately we’ve learned that our archives were not as well kept as we had hoped throughout the years.  In some ways we’ve leaned off each other thinking that some of us archived particular issues.  Well it seems that the files we retained for the 4th issue of the Infinium were of low-resolution and not capable of bringing forward into this trade paperback.  This was rather upsetting given the level of effort put into that particular body of work and because of this, we’re consequently delayed in releasing the trade. 

But fear not loyal Tango Fan, there is a silver lining in this story for you see we did do an adequate job of archiving the original inked pages!  So what does that mean exactly?  Well the good news is that we will be bringing you a remastered issue #4 of the Infinium! 

Original vs Enhanced

Yes, and since that time, technology has improved significantly so much in fact when you read this updated high-res version it will feel like a whole new experience for you.  While we’re somewhat frustrated about losing the content, this is still one of those, “Make lemonade from lemons” type moments but we’re excited to give you our loyal fans a hugely more enjoyable experience!

As we prepare for this trade-paperback we’ll be asking for your support to help get this masterpiece published.  The printing costs for a trade-paperback are rather hefty and as such we’ll be launching a Kickstarter soon and we’d kindly ask you for your support in making this happen!  In the mean time if you’re interested in staying abreast of our progress for the trade, we highly recommend that you SIGN-UP for our mailing list that we setup which will tell you exactly when the Kickstarter launches. 

Lastly as it comes to conventions, we’re excited to say we’ll be leaving the state of Illinois a few time this year and will be planning to return to Wisconsin, and New Orleans!  So be on the look out for the Tango Bus as we tour the countryside peddling our products near a convention center near you!  That’s all for now, apologies again for the delay but we’re back and better than ever!

See ya soon!


What's our Strategy here at Tango?

The goal is simple: We want to entertain you and we want your readership.  That’s it!

If we can’t do that we’re closing up shop and we’ll pick up part-time jobs collecting aluminum cans.  Truth is, we’ve been fans of this industry for too long and our motivation is driven by a desire to see great work completed and breathe life back into a comic industry that has managed to once again find a way to screw things up.  It’s not a job to us, it’s a passion and we're determined to bring back quality entertainment and sincere fun back to comics!

Our promise to our readers:

        • We promise to never suck you in to gimmicks such as cross overs, cover variants or other shameless or trend driven irrelevant plugs 
        • We promise to never overdose our books with continual reprints and/or lessen the value of the investment you made 
        • We promise to never compromise quantity to quality, and fast will never trump good! 
        • We promise to keep our work affordable and of the highest quality
        • We promise to never lose sight of what’s most important to our success; You ... our Readers!